Agreement Execution Clause

It explains that a company can effectively execute an agreement signed by two directors of the company, (2) a director and a company secretary; or (3) only for owner companies, the sole director, who is also the secretary of the company. Electronic signatures and electronic agreements This enforcement block should not be used for contracts executed electronically. As stated in the Electronic Enforcement section, gilbert + Tobin is of the view that both the act and the agreements should not be executed electronically by companies. In order to ensure the validity of the act or agreement, the best practice is rather that the act or agreement is available in physical form and that a wet signature is used. Under these provisions, a company can execute a document as an agreement (as opposed to an act) if the seal of the company is fixed to the agreement and the fixing of the seal by both attests: the most common way for companies to execute agreements is for the agreement to be signed by the directors and secretaries of the company. The correct execution of agreements through partnerships is governed by the partnership laws of each state and territory as well as by the partnership contract (if the partnership has one). .