Agreement Jual Beli Motor – When buying a high priced item and a motorcycle, we of course need an example of a sales letter that will serve as proof that we made transasksi at that time, buy and sell motorcycles. This is useful to avoid quarrels in the future. Both parties agreed to exchange two-wheeled motorcycles with the following objections: by declaring that the seller was legally obliged to give ownership of a (1) complete unit of motorcycles with the letters – the letter addressed to the buyer at the time of payment of the motorcycle proper, namely June 15, 2018. What then is the function of the sales and sales letter? Its function is nothing but proof that, on some days and stairs, a motorcycle was a buy and sell transaction. This letter will be used as evidence if it turns out that one of the parties requested the agreement that was made in such a way that both parties would know in the same way that there was a transaction in presenting this letter. Overall, the function of the sales and sales letter is a binding means for both parties, namely the seller and the buyer. In addition, this official letter can also be used by the buyer to reverse the name of the bike if it is desired. The indication that the seller has guaranteed that one (1) unit of the motorcycle sold is veridale and is legally owned by the seller and that the motorcycle is not under the guarantee of a third party. Its usefulness is to define the procedure to be followed for the implementation of this commercial transaction. As a general rule, the sale and purchase of motorcycles does not include a small amount of money, and also payments that sometimes are not made in cash at first. An example of motorcycle sales and a letter of purchase document is presented below.

Be careful with each section based on the important points that need to be present as described above. This is divided into two parts, namely the example of paid credit and the example paid in cash. In addition, the identity of the two transitional parties must also be clear. Do not use a pseudonym or nickname that might even affect the authenticity of the letter. You can also include the names of witnesses if the transaction also presents a witness who will be one of the evidence of a commercial transaction. Meanwhile, we will also discuss one of the uses of this sales and purchase letter, which is when we sell and buy motorcycles. Motorcycles are a cheap and convenient means of transport. Although it is often done, but many people are still confused, as the example of a good and correct motorcycle purchase and sales letter. The letter of purchase and purchase of this bike is almost the same as the usual letter of purchase and sale, which replaces only the object explained in detail. Here are the things that must be in the letter of the agreement to buy and sell motorcycles. Below, we give an example of a good letter of sale of motorcycle and in accordance with the provisions of the official letter: Besides the usefulness of the letter of engine contract can also be used as an explanation of the process and procedure of transactions. Especially for the part of the payment either in cash or credit.

When writing this letter, you should pay attention to certain things, such as if you are making an official letter, because it is a letter of contract to buy and sell motorcycles contained in the official letter, that there are certain rules or conditions that you must understand and follow if you make a letter of contract for the purchase and sale of motorcycles. And they too prefer to use this bike compared to public transport.