Apache Contributor License Agreement

If a change in the statutes is necessary, it may be preferable to simply remove any reference to a specific contribution agreement and leave the Board of Directors at the discretion of how the project must ensure that contributions are paid under a license compatible with the Apache 2.0 license. Apache Software Foundation uses various licenses to distribute software and documentation, accept regular contributions from individuals and businesses, and accept larger grants for existing software. The projects that require participants to sign the agreement are: [35] The main difference is that: that when awarding copyright, copyright is transferred to the preferred person and that (in the typical copyright assignment contracts used for open source projects), the contributor recovers a broad license (which only covers the contribution), while the contributor retains ownership at the time of the acquisition in the Apache style, but gives the preferred entity a license large enough to give the preferred entity almost as much as it would get. Canonical launched Project Harmony “… Support organizations that use contribution agreements by providing standardized variable models with clear and concise explanations… [37] This agreement allows the Public Knowledge Project to make your code contribution free, open and forever accessible to our user community. In general, it is important that the author has a clear intention to make his contribution under Apache`s licensing conditions, and a clear record of that intention. For this reason, the articles work in bugzilla or JIRA or post in an email list, or else everything works. With the founding of the Django Software Foundation (DSF), anyone who contributes (or has contributed) to Django is invited to sign a City Law Licensing Agreement (CLA).

Django`s CLA is a copy of the Apache Software Foundation used for all contributions to its projects. This special agreement has been used by other software projects in addition to Apache and is generally accepted as reasonable in the open source community. For a company that has instructed employees to work on an Apache project, a Corporate CLA (CCLA) is available to pass on the intellectual property through the company that may have been awarded under an employment contract. I argued that it is this offer of patches that are most analogous to what potential contributors do when they offer a sweater request to an open source project via GitHub. They`re not committers. They are just contributors who express the intention to contribute to something in particular. One day we could translate the agreement into languages other than English. These copies, however, are only consultative. It is the English version that must be signed and returned to the DSF; only the English version is considered valid. However, it is optional and each contributor cannot cede their copyright to KDE e.V.

The above create an icla.pdf.asc file. Send both the file (icla.pdf) and the signature (icla.pdf.asc) as attachments in the same email to secretary@apache.org. Please only send a document (file plus signature) by email. Please do not send your public key to Apache.