Good Friday Agreement Eli5

Governance: Although the DUP and Sinn Féin (Northern Ireland`s largest nationalist party) found themselves at the opposite end of the Brexit debate, a few months after the referendum they sent a joint letter 13 to Prime Minister May, with common concerns about their impact on Northern Ireland. The region`s voice has not been present in these discussions since January 2017, when the power-sharing executive – a key component of the Good Friday agreement – collapsed following a disagreement between these parties over poor economic management with a green energy program. Repeated attempts to reinstate the government have failed due to differences of opinion on the Irish Language Act14 and the polarizing nature of Brexit policy. In practice, there is no government15 in Belfast at the moment: officials are holding the light, but are reluctant to make politically sensitive decisions, the British Foreign Secretary for Northern Ireland has nominal oversight and Westminster has adopted a budget to keep the region solvent. In the event of a brexit deal, Britain`s top official recommended imposing a direct settlement to deal with the consequences;16 Although London regained Belfast`s decision-making power in various respects after the deal in the first decade after the deal, the suspension of the devolved government would now be controversial. Ten days after the signing of the agreement, Mo Mowlam, then Minister of Northern Ireland, presented it to Parliament in Command Paper 3883 – essentially a copy of the draft political agreement between the parties in Northern Ireland with a bilateral treaty not yet ratified between the United Kingdom and Ireland. Pao joined Reddit in 2013 as head of business development and strategic partnerships. [16] One of his first investments in this function strengthened the links between Reddit and its de facto image presenter Imgur. [39] She explained that a goal for the following year should make it easier for people to re-edit. [40] Pao became interim CEO in November 2014 after Yishan Wong resigned.

[41] After Wong`s efforts to reduce wage negotiations, Pao decided to make two last offers (one with more cash, one with more equity) to all potential employees. [42] To justify this change, she indicated that women were more likely to be penalized for trying to negotiate wages. After seeing that Reddit`s previous offers were not correlated with gender, Pao explained that the new policy was always the fairest and that it was a springboard to make salaries public. [43] [44] One of the biggest changes to the site under Pao was the avenger ban in March 2015. [45] Other social networks that removed such images in the months that followed were widely referred to as the Reddit model. [46] [47] In June and July 2015, Pao was criticized and harassed by Reddit users after five Reddit communities (Subreddits) were arrested for harassment and the dismissal of Reddit`s talent director. [48] [49] [50] [51] A petition calling for his removal reached 200,000 signatures,[52][53] and on 10 July it was learned that Pao had resigned “by mutual agreement” from Reddit. [54] One of the great triumphs of the 1998 agreement is its internal “constructive ambiguity” on issues of national identity and the constitutional aspirations of the people of Northern Ireland. The adoption of an “extra-conventional” constitutionalism has led to a consensus among opposing communities in Northern Ireland on the basis of an agreement on means, without resolving their dispute over the end.

However, one of the less triumphant features of the 1998 agreement is its external ambiguity, non-structure, as to its legal or political status.