Health Services Collective Agreement Pipsc

52.03 The provisions of the collective agreement shall be implemented by the parties within one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date of its signature. b. In Health Canada`s health centres and health centres, the employer agrees that the Institute may use fax machines for the purposes referred to in subsection 27.02(a) under the same conditions. This information shall be communicated to workers through communications published by the employer in places where the workers to whom the appeal procedure applies are most likely to be informed of such communications or in another way, as agreed between the employer and the Institute. one. The parties to this agreement share the desire to improve occupational standards by occasionally giving workers the opportunity: when a new classification standard is established and implemented by the employer during the term of this agreement, the employer shall negotiate with the Institute the rates of pay and rules before applying the wage rates to new levels resulting from the application of the standard, that affect workers` compensation when they move to the new levels. 29.02 The employer and the Institute shall determine by mutual agreement the area of competence of each steward, taking into account the organizational chart and the distribution of staff. With effect from 12 June 2012, points 19.01(b) and (c) shall be deleted from the collective agreement. 1. The period for increasing wages for workers at level 1 to 3 shall be twelve (12) months. A part-time person who has worked more than twelve (12) months since the last increase at the time of signing this collective agreement receives an effective increase on the day of signing.

From that date, the next legal increase will be calculated for part-time elderly people. 14.03 The amount of paid leave credited by the employer by the employer at the time of signing this agreement or on the date on which the employee is subject to this agreement shall be withheld by the employee. With the agreement of both parties, it can be reviewed and amended if necessary. Kil a provision of the collective agreement or arbitration award; or 2.02 except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the terms used in this Agreement, 39.07 Subject to Article 9: Overtime, if a part-time worker is required to work a day prescribed as paid leave declared for a full-time worker provided for in clause 12.01 of this Agreement, the worker shall be paid for all hours worked on the holiday. The Parties agree to agree to meetings composed of representatives of Health Canada and the HS Bargaining Unit (including representatives of the PIPSC HC Advisory Team) for consultation in accordance with paragraphs 8.02(b)(i), (ii) and (iii) of the Collective Agreement. 34.21 If the employer reduces or terminates a worker in accordance with paragraph 12(1)(c), (d) or (e) of the Tax Administration Act, the appeal procedure provided for in this Agreement shall apply, with the exception of: 5. There is a documented process for a full verification and decision by the Senior Management as to whether the level of care services justifies the extension of these allowances to nurses, who work in a given institution. 5.1.1 This process is as follows: 5.1.1 Surplus workers and dismissed persons who have been appointed to a subordinate post in accordance with this Annex shall be protected, if they exist, under the wage protection provisions of the collective agreement or, in the absence of such provisions, under the corresponding provisions of the provisions on remuneration at the time of relocation or conversion. .

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