Purchase Service Agreement Vs Subcontract

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is responsible for assisting teachers, staff and students in their efforts to secure sponsored research funding. In its role within the university`s research infrastructure, the PSO verifies, negotiates, supports and provides administrative oversight of proposals and rewards, as well as non-financial agreements relating to the acquisition of materials, information and/or data, in accordance with applicable laws, guidelines and regulations. In coordination with other academic administrations, the PSO is working together on its sponsored research activities. It is the responsibility of the Senior Auditor to determine whether the price of agreements with sub-recipients and suppliers is competitive and reasonable. In both cases; However, the agreed costs are not relevant to determining whether the relationship is that of the subcontractor or creditor. In accordance with the terms of the federal grant and good business practices, it is necessary that competitive offers of goods and services be solicited from multiple suppliers whenever possible and when the cost exceeds $5,000. Relationships between a single supplier (seller) may be prohibited by the terms of the main supplement and, where possible, are generally subject to certain conditions and procedures. provides a routine service (for example. B, manufacturing or repairing devices, processing data, conducting routine analytical testing services, etc.) Federal Uniforme Guidance emphasizes the responsibility of the principal beneficiary in identifying a sub-recipient in relation to a contractor in the Federal Regulations Code .200.330 – Subrecipient and Contractor Determinations.

For each premium, the UCSF must determine, on an individual basis, the type of agreement – sub-price or purchase market – suitable for the planned allocation expenses and be able to demonstrate that the allocation up to the award is determined in a consistent manner. Here are the characteristics of a contractor/fee for the service order. The subcontractor`s organization: Before establishing a relationship with another entity as part of a sponsored award in which the other unit provides goods or services or material and programmatic work, it is necessary to determine the nature of the legal relationship between USC and another entity, which in turn determines the type of agreement required to document the relationship. This is an important decision because it determines the allocation of responsibilities and influences the appropriate application of indirect cost rates. Provides similar goods or services for many different buyers For merchandise purchases, follow the checklist of requirements.