Retroactive Rebate Agreement Sap

Payment method: Shows the standard method for paying the amount of the discount to the debiteur. For example, it could be a credit or a cheque, etc. The compensation document (credit) uses the account key (ERB) to reserve deductions on the corresponding in-kind accounts. Proposed valid by/proposed valid for the standard validity periods that the system automatically proposes when creating the discount agreement. Delay from date is very important whether or not we offer a retroactive discount. If we leave this field empty, the discount is valid from the current date. If we specify the value “first day of the year,” the rebate contract is valid from the first day of the year, although the agreement is established on the current date, called retroactive discount. To respond to paragraph 1, look at VBOX for an invoice number, and it may be clearer – the index is generated for all active discount access sequences for all invoices with materials and customers working for discount processing, whether or not there is a real discount contract. This allows for retrospective reductions. I have not used VBOF – no request – so unfortunately I can`t answer these questions. A discount is a financial payment that encourages an organization`s revenue growth to increase. This is a payment from a seller to a buyer after the buyer has purchased goods in an agreed location, quantity or value of the seller. The discount is based on the volume of debitor sales over a certain time.

The conditions for processing rebates in SAP SD are: Delivery of materials: It allows conditions for a flow/material and uses a calculation based on quantity. When the customer was created, we specified the type of discount agreement. To do this, we need to define the type of contract with the required functionality. Go ahead; For the types of discounts, we maintain the “24” requirement, which states that the types of discounts can only be defined in a billing document. There are improved margins due to current discount and price calculations. Some of the advantages of using discount management systems are: in the rebate agreement, the system displays all the billing credentials on the basis of which it calculated the rebate. To view these documents, select the “Check Levels” icon from the discount agreement preview screen. Cash flow has been improved due to timely and accurate requests for rebates. I just updated our SAP system from 3.1I to ECC6.

I have the following problem for the discount agreement. So far, we have retroactively adjusted rebates via VOB3. After the upgrade, the system asked us to run VBOF to update the revenue rating to show value in VOB2. By running VBOF, this will also update the retroactive discount that has already been adapted via VOB3 in version 3.1I. Now I have the double problem for my retroactive discount. Please guess how I can solve the problem.