Uws Outcome Agreement

We focus on personalized learning experiences, supported by internationally recognized research. Informal requests should be directed to Gavin Lee, head of strategic planning for Gavin.Lee@uws.ac.uk at the International University. We have deep roots in our local campus communities – but we are also outward-looking, in keeping with a long Scottish tradition of travel and global influences. We will continue to forge research partnerships. They advance our academic offering, create a corporate culture and support economic growth. Our excellence in research will be increasingly recognized internationally. Our goal is to change lives, transform communities and promote business through exceptional, distinct and advanced higher education. The 2018-19 meeting was another period of enormous success for the UWS. The most notable event in 2019 was the official opening of our $110 million Lanarkshire campus by the First Minister of Scotland, Rt. Hon.

Nicola Sturgeon MSP. Our fantastic new campus has won first prize at the Guardian University Awards 2019 in the category “Sustainable Constructions as Inspire,” demonstrating our commitment to creating a reference building for British higher education. We also maintained our ranking as one of the top 150 universities under 50 in Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2019 and were recognized by THE in their top 500 universities in their 2019 world ranking as among their top 500 universities. 2017 was a truly historic year for the UWS: we celebrated 120 years since the creation of our home institution. Our 2017 retrospective highlights the many successes we want to build on this year. Click on the contents of page 3 of the document to browse. Since the introduction of our corporate strategy in 2014, the university has made significant progress towards many of the ambitious goals and performance markers we have set for ourselves. The strategy has therefore been updated for the period 2017-20, in consultation with our employees, students and external stakeholders.

Our goal is to equip each student to succeed in their chosen field of expertise around the world. This requires an excellent and inspiring education. The University of the West of Scotland is promoting an ambitious strategy for quality learning and teaching, research and innovation, with a comprehensive engagement programme that meets the needs of 21st century employment. Launched in February 2020, the UWS 2025 strategy marks an exciting new chapter for the university. It focuses on the key areas in which the university wants to prosper and gives an image of what the UWS will look like by 2025 and lays the foundation for the university until 2050.