Was Ist Ein Subscription Agreement

There are different categories of subscriptions: this contrasts with many one-off transactions when customers are forced to meet large obligations due to the high price of software. Some believe that historically, the “single buying” model does not encourage sellers to maintain relationships with their customers (well, why should they take care of it once they have received their money?). Some who prefer a subscription model for software do so because it can change that situation. If your free trial expires, it will automatically be converted to one of our standard subscriptions and your payment account will be used to pay the subscription fee. In the field of academic publishing, the subscription model means that articles from a particular journal or conference session are only available to subscribers. Subscriptions are generally sold to universities and other higher education institutions and research institutes, although some university publishers also sell individual subscriptions or access to individual articles. Academic publications that use the subscription model are called closed access, unlike their open access equivalents. 17.2 Full agreement. This agreement represents the entire agreement and replaces all previous agreements between you and Zendesk regarding the purpose of this contract. This Agreement applies in place of the terms of an order or other market documents that you or any entity you represent (all of these conditions are null and void) and, if expressly stated, there are no other agreements, assurances, guarantees or obligations that any of the parties may avail themselves of with respect to the purpose of this Agreement. There is no oral commitment, conditions, submissions, agreements, interpretations or conditions of any kind between the parties, unless expressly provided for.

The titles used in this document are merely simple and do not affect the interpretation of the terms of this agreement. 14.1 Compensation by us. We will release you, defend you and keep you free from any claim filed against you by a third party because you use a service such as it is authorized below, and we will assert that this service violates or abuses a third party`s valid patent, copyright, trademark or trade secrecy (an “IP claim”). We will defend this IP claim at our expense and pay damages awarded to you in this matter, including the fees and reasonable expenses of the lawyers incurred by Zendesk for this defence, provided that (a) you immediately contact Zendesk with the threat or notification of such an IP request; (b) We have sole control and authority to choose defenders and defend and/or settle such IP claims (however, we will not settle or compromise any claims leading to liability or liability on your part without your prior written consent); and (c) in this context, they cooperate fully with Zendesk.