Workforce Adjustment Agreement

It is advisable to wait and see if you are affected by a staff adjustment situation. Once an EEC situation is triggered, there are a number of rights under the collective agreement. For indeterminate, seasonal and part-time workers, the transitional support measure is assessed in the same way as it can be assessed under the terms of your collective agreement or terms of employment. The NJC Directive was developed by participating negotiators and the secretariat of the Treasury Board of Canada. It applies to workers represented in the central public administration whose NJC directive on workforce adjustment is included in their collective agreements. Executives and other high-level groups are subject to the Executive Transition Directive, which facilitates the professional transition of managers in a situation of staff adjustment. As a first step, executives should ensure that the employee`s position is not occupied indefinitely if the person has been on continuous leave for more than a year. If a position is vacant, the worker on leave is entitled to a legal leave priority and the adjustment of the workforce (CEF) does not apply. More information is available in the TBS Directive on Leave and Special Work Plans, as well as in the PSC Guide on Priority Administration. To help managers and human resources advisors cope with workforce adjustment situations (CEFs), the Office of the Chief Human Resources Resources Secretariat (OCHRO/TBS) and the Public Utilities Commission (PSC) have put in place an information kit that consists of a set of guides on certain components of the CEF process. In addition to this guide, the CSP also offers the Priority Administration Guide. There can be no change between two employees, both of which are affected by a staff adjustment situation.

If an optimistic employee does not receive a guarantee of an appropriate job offer from the assistant manager or finds another employee with whom he can exchange positions, he has three options. For more information on the change process and staff options, see personnel issues or in your workforce adjustment policy. If you retire but are covered by a labour adjustment agreement or policy, you may be eligible for a normal pension reduction. For more information on funding conditions, see staff adjustment information on the Pensions Council`s pension page. The Executive Transition Directive on Career Transition provides information to managers concerned about the adjustment situation to staff. Two-page colour sheet with general information on staff adjustment The staff upgrade is carried out when the assistant director decides that the services of one or more unspecified employees are no longer needed beyond a given appointment: an adjustment of staff is a situation that occurs when the benefits of one or more unspecified employees are no longer required beyond a specified date, because of the lack of work, the commitment of a function, a relocation in which the employee does not wish to participate. Your supervisor informs department staff of the staff adjustment situation. In return, your department will provide you with information on the various options. Your human resources department also coordinates the issuance of this information with your finance department and the Paid Center. The National Council`s (NJC) Workforce Adjustment Directive ensures that indeterminate workers whose services are no longer needed due to labour adjustment are, as far as possible, provided with other employment opportunities.