Peggy Wardlaw

Peggy Wardlaw

for Congress

I am Peggy Wardlaw and I’m running for Congress because I believe we all deserve better. Like you, I am sick and tired of professional politicians in Congress who have forgotten that they are supposed to be working for regular people like you and me.

What I Believe

I have spoken to hundreds of Americans about what they want from their government. Over and over again they told me that want the same things:  good jobs, affordable quality healthcare for everyone, fair taxes, good  schools and safe neighborhoods.

United We Stand

I believe America is great. We may differ on tactics but I strongly believe that we share the same common goals of  economic opportunity, quality education, affordable healthcare and national security. It is that shared common vision that has made America the great country that it is and will continue to mark its place as first among equals.

Our Choice

We have a choice to make. If we believe the professional politicians and the modern media, we will fight one another and grow weaker by the day. Or, we can go back to the spirit of hard work, equal opportunity and shared vision that has made America unique in History. I believe in America and the shared vision it gives us all.

Who I Am

I am Peggy Wardlaw. Wife, Mother, small business owner. I am proud of all those things. But, I am most proud of being a hard-working American. I want to work for America representing the good people of the 21st Congressional District.

Peggy Wardlaw


Political Career

Vote for me so I can go work for you!

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